Gravity. It's how our sausage rolls.

We offer a wide range of award-winning sausages including our beef, recently voted as the Best in the North of Scotland.

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Gravity, it’s how our sausage rolls.

An intro to our Sausages

Sausages are one of the world’s original prepared foods, and our range of fresh sausage products are certainly proving popular with our customers at A&I.

Our Master Butcher Ali is the first World Record Holder for number of sausages linked in a minute (2016) so it’s fair to say we know our stuff when it comes to sausages!  Ideal for getting on the BBQ (weather-permitting…) or as part of a tasty casserole, we have a wide range – from classics to more exotic flavours – to suit all tastes.

A best-selling part of our handmade range, our multi award-winning sausages include our classic beef, chicken and cranberry, venison and beetroot, pork and onion and pork and leek.  Be sure to try our especially Scottish sweet chili and Irn-Bru flavour too!

We also offer gluten-free options, so no one needs to miss out on our award-winning sausages.

Established in 1997, A&I Quality Butchers are proud to serve the Highlands with the best of the Highlands.

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