This little piggy went all the way (to your) home.

Our delicious selection of bacon is cured in-house from our locally sourced pork loin at A&I Quality Butchers, with no added water to ensure the very best flavours.

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Leftover Bacon? Not likely.

An intro to our Bacon

With a high protein content, bacon is a versatile meat that can be used for any occasion, whether it’s wrapping up tasty chicken pieces or keeping those pigs cosy in a blanket…

We offer three different flavours of our own award-winning cured bacon: classic, sweet or smoked.  Our classic bacon is traditionally dry-cured and makes the perfect ingredient for morning, noon or night – why not try it in a full Highland breakfast, a bacon roll for lunch or as part of your evening meal?

Our smoked bacon won the first award for Bacon at the Scottish Craft Butchers awards, dry cured in-house the traditional way resulting in a beautiful smoky flavour.

Our sweet bacon is one of our in-store favourites; we use a special sweet cure recipe to make a delicious bacon perfect for pancakes and syrup.

Of course, we’d suggest trying all three to decide on your own family favourite!

Established in 1997, A&I Quality Butchers are proud to serve the Highlands with the best of the Highlands.

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