There’s a very good reason to eat all the pies

A&I are famous for our award-winning pies, with unique recipes using only the finest quality meat.

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Perfect pastry and packed with meat

An intro to our Pies

We carefully hand-make each pie on our premises at A&I, ensuring that every one is just the right combination of delicious ingredients.  With a tried and tested recipe going back 21 years, we offer a size for every occasion: from hand held, small, medium (serves 2), large (serves 4) or jumbo (serves 8).  From classic steak or chicken and ham, to venison and haggis, we have an assortment of flavours to choose from.

Our pies are a big hit at New Year, so why not consider ordering along with your Christmas turkey, to give your cook a break, and keep everyone satisfied?

What has affectionately become known throughout the Highlands as ‘Ali Paul’s Steak Pie’ continues to win numerous awards, including the first winner of The North of Scotland Gold Award for Steak Pies.

Established in 1997, A&I Quality Butchers are proud to serve the Highlands with the best of the Highlands.

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